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About Me


 EpiphanyLeads, Inc.

Vision looks inwards and becomes duty. Vision looks outwards and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upwards and becomes faith.

Stephen Samuel Wise

 I get very excited when a conversation about purpose and vision becomes the topic. I believe that actualizing vision is the greatest quest that anyone can pursue.  

"Vision will not only move your life but it also
sustains you to face life in totality.

I am a vision partner who founded EpiphanyLeads, Inc., in 2013, a Christian faith-based firm that offers services in personal, professional, and organizational coaching and consulting.  

Day in and day out, I interacted with individuals and organizations operating from wayward and unmotivated places.  

This caused them to feel and act without purpose, or focus, lacking passion, and losing hope in life and in their work.  

EpiphanyLeads exists to facilitate the growth and development of biblically-based leadership for the strengthening of individuals, organizations, and communities.


What is EpiphanyLeads

"If you are working on
something exciting
that you really care about,
you don't have to be pushed. 
The vision pulls you."

  Steve Jobs

​We offer comprehensive coaching, and consulting services with distinctive expertise, experience, and emphasis in churches, not-for-profit organizations, and agencies.   EpiphanyLeads’ vision is to:

ascertain, advance, and actualize outcomes in not-for-profit organizations and individuals.


At the center of EpiphanyLeads’ approach are the following values:

vision and personal development must be at the core of every organization;

not-for-profit organizational outcomes should be transformative;

leadership is driven and directed by vision clarity, vision strategy, and vision execution;

organizational insight and collaborative strategy results in sound solutions; and

not-for-profit organizations make the most important investments into our communities.            

"We are a synergetic team of experienced business, church, community agencies, and educational leaders who have served at the highest levels of executives as Pastors, Christian Teachers, Vice Presidents, Account Executives, and Project Managers." 

Dr. Meningall has an earned Doctor of Education Degree in Leadership and Organizational Development from Teacher’s College/ Columbia University in New York, New York.

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