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OUR Vantage Point
 "A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more."  Rosabeth Moss Kanter



The EpiphanyLeads team is a collection of strategic-thinkers and organizational-minded leaders who deliver authentic, transformative, and insightful solutions to communities, organizations, churches, companies, and individuals. We bring expertise and wisdom that emanates from years of experience.   Our service and leadership impact organizations and churches who seek to fulfill the vision that drives their work.


EpiphanyLeads is a fusion of experienced business, church, community agencies, and educational leaders who have served at the highest levels of executive leadership in churches, business, and higher education.  We have served on governing and advisory boards, national professional organizations, and community grassroots organizations.  We have produced in roles as Pastors, Vice Presidents, Account Executives, and Project Managers.


The EpiphanyLeads approach integrates organizational vision, history, and insight with our experience and expertise to drive measurable results in organizations.    We are a coaching and consulting team that strategizes by interfacing with vision-focused leaders who wish to gain greater clarity, efficiency, and transformative solutions in the organizations they serve. We accomplish this by understanding your organization’s unique needs, culture, and assets.

 We guide each organization to utilize vision to:

  • Achieve alignment with vision and strategic action;

  • Illuminate organizational structure that is optimal in the fulfillment of vision;

  • Equip leaders to accomplish goals, objectives, and actions necessary to align with vision;

  • Navigate church and not-for-profit organizational leaders’ to build others whom partner to fulfill vision.

Most importantly, we believe in the power of insight that elucidates challenges and circumstances to be understood from a deeper and clearer perspective.   All of which allows EpiphanyLeads to partner with profit and not-for-profit organizations to turn insight into workable solutions and strategic results.


 We believe:

  • That not-for-profit organizations make the most important investments in changing lives and transforming communities; and

  • That vision must be at the core of every organization;

  • That organizational outcomes should be transformative;

  • That impactful leadership is driven and directed by vision clarity, vision strategy, and vision execution; and

  • That organizational insight and collaborative strategy results in sound solutions.

Services Provided:

As a full service and comprehensive firm, our capabilities include:

  • Vision Discovery, Clarity and Execution

  • Organizational Strategy Formation, Action Planning and Execution

  • Leadership Excellence and Team Development

  • Retreats, Conferences, and Workshops for capacity building

  • Executive and Administrative Services

  • Project Planning, Management, and Synergy


For More Information on how Epiphanyleads can help your church or organization, please visit our website at or fill out the contact form on this site.

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